Code38 Elite Series Corkscrew - Titanium Code38 Elite Series Corkscrew - Titanium Wine Openers:Waiter's Corkscrews Wine Enthusiast
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Code38 Elite Series Corkscrew - Titanium

Wine Openers:Waiter's Corkscrews

This is another trusted product from Wine Enthusiast. They have a great selection of wine gear, including the Code 38 Elite Series Code38 Elite Series Corkscrew - Titanium presented on this page.

The new Code38 Elite Series takes the professional wine knife to the next level. The single-piece high-strength chassis is available in stainless steel alloy or titanium treated alloy body each selected for their hardness toughness and corrosion resistance – essential in the world of professional wine service. The new modular design allows for easy removal and swapping out of components such as new replacement blades and helix but it also allows for adjustment of each of the moving actions to be tuneable to your own personal preference. If a stronger than the standard spring action is desirable on the helix then you can adjust it.The new pointed slide-out knife blade can be removed for sharpening or upgraded without tools and features a positive locking mechanism which locks the blade in or out as required. And one of the best things about this new blade design is the ability to easily upgrade the blade when new materials and designs become available.Stronger and Lighter.The new Elite Series chassis/body has taken styling cues from the original Code38 and is now a single piece construction with machined features for incorporating the new helix spring capsule pack pivots. The new single piece design is also significantly lighter and stronger with the materials used being approximately 2.5 times stronger than the 316 stainless used in the original Code38.Achieve the perfect degree of spring action for you.The helix spring action is now taken care of with a new compact spring capsule pack. We pioneered this concept about 8 years ago and have now finally been able to incorporate it in the Elite Series. The spring pack consists of a piston and a series of disc springs stacked on top of one another and may be adjusted by altering the size of the stack with fine adjustments made by rotating the top adjustment screw using a special driver.Seamless sliding blade action.Once we had the overall form established we went to work on the foil blade design and its action. The knife alone has taken at least 50% of the design hours. The new design is seamless in its action and locks solidly in or out. It is also removable and replaceable without tools which could be useful next time you're passing through airport security without checking in your Code38.Engineered to operate smoothly and hard wearing components.The lifter pivots on precision machined and hardened stainless pivot screws and has a small degree of friction applied. The helix rotates on a hardened and tempered bushing machined from D2 tool steel and is retained with C/S phillips head screws. The choice of screw drive format largely came down to increasing the ease of replacing or upgrading the helix using readily available tools.Increased leverage & compact design.While the Elite Series is precisely the same overall length as the original Code38 the form however has been altered to place the full extent of the length into achieving the maximum mechanical advantage possible for the extraction of the cork. The helix folds neatly into a partial recess in the underside of the chassis and has the effect of reducing the folded form factor leaving more room in your pockets for other things.

These were $625 at the time of this posting, but please click on the product link below to find the current price and availability.

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Code38 Elite Series Corkscrew - Titanium