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EuroCave Wine Art

Preservation:Vacuum/Pump Preservation

This is another trusted product from Wine Enthusiast. They have a great selection of wine gear, including the EuroCave EuroCave Wine Art presented on this page.

Delivery of this wine cooler is not available to California due to California Energy Commission Energy Efficiency standards which regulates the appliance maximum annual energy consumption (kWh). Preserve Your HappinessOpen that rare red you've been saving and enjoy it at its optimal flavor for days ahead. EuroCave Wine Art enables you to perfectly preserve the flavors of an opened bottle for up to 10 days absolutely ensuring that the taste of your first sip will endure to your last. Dual compartments allow you to store either red white or both at the optimal serving temperature. So go on open a good bottle whenever the mood strikes and savor it night after night. Don't postpone the joy.The Secret of Preservation Oxidation is the enemy. Once a bottle has been opened the time to enjoy it at its optimal flavor is as short as a day or two. Wine Art's air-extraction technology removes the oxygen from the wine bottle in an instant eliminating the possibility of oxidation and allowing you to savor the delicate nuances of your wine night after night. Fine Wine By The Glass All Week Long Wine Art's two compartments operate independently allowing you to store either reds whites or one of each at the correct pre-set temperature of around 60°F for reds and 46°F for whites or rosés. These temperatures allow wines to stay fresh at the proper serving temperatures and release their optimal flavors. Quiet Compact and Countertop-Friendly With a whisper-quiet design and a height under 19 inches Wine Art is the perfect fit for the space between most countertops and wall cabinets. Unlike other vacuum units that expand upwards when in-use the height of Wine Art remains unchanged whether in-use or awaiting the next bottle of wine. Plug and Play Just take Wine Art out of the box plug it in and you're ready to go. A streamlined control panel with intuitive iconography makes it simple to operate. One button for each compartment allows you to toggle between red and white and air extraction is as simple as placing the bottle into the nozzle and closing the door. All with no filters to change and no gas cartridges to replace.Sommelier´s Stamp of ApprovalFor over 30 years EuroCave has been designing and developing innovative wine storage solutions in France in tandem with sommeliers to bring you the very best products for maturing storing and serving wine.

These were $399 at the time of this posting, but please click on the product link below to find the current price and availability.

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