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Wine Picnic Tray

Serveware:Platters & Trays

This is another trusted product from Wine Enthusiast. They have a great selection of wine gear, including the Other Wine Picnic Tray presented on this page.

The Wine Picnic Tray is a beautifully hand-crafted solid bamboo table with carved-out sections to hold one wine or champagne bottle and two wine glasses. Opposite the wine bottle and glasses is a spacious tray to hold plates of food or appetizers. Chrome-plated legs fold flat against the table for easy storage and transport making it just as convenient to take on a picnic as it is to serve a champagne breakfast-for-two in bed. It makes a thoughtful gift for wine lovers who set aside time to enjoy leisure to its fullest. Dimensions: 22' H X 21' W X 2' D Weight: 2 Lbs.

These were $39.95 at the time of this posting, but please click on the product link below to find the current price and availability.

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Wine Picnic Tray